Your Resident Nerds

Hey guys! I’m Nancy, half of the team here at nerdiTEA.

I’m currently living in the (best) state of Texas, and I am a reformed coffee drinker. I used to describe myself as a twenty-something, underemployed malcontent, but things have straightened out job-wise, and now I’m just a too-close-to-thirty malcontent. Yay!

I like a ridiculous potpourri of geek and non-geek things–too many to list here! But in general::

  • I’m a novelist moonlighting as a web developer who aspires to publication of my YA and sci-fi/fantasy yarns.
  • I listen to dance, electronica and alt rock mostly.
  • I love animals! My two dogs are a rat terrier and French bulldog.
  • I’m a huge gamer and tech enthusiast.
  • Japan is my spiritual homeland, and I hope to visit it someday.
  • OF COURSE I love tea and tea culture.
  • As you might expect from an English major, I love literature, writing, and reading.
  • In a bid to lessen my body’s resemblance to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, I’ve taken up road cycling, and I enjoy it immensely!
  • Some people who inspire me: Steve Jobs, Teddy Roosevelt, and Neil Gaiman.
  • If the Doctor picked me up in the TARDIS, I’d ask to visit the 1920’s first.
  • I’m definitely a Sherlock/Doctor Who/Downton Abbey fiend. (I’ve got it bad).
  • Other stuff I like: Studio Ghibli. Legend of Zelda. Penny-Arcade. Tony Stark. Pokemon. Lord of the Rings. Red Foxes. Spirithoods. Legos. Fanfiction. My Little Pony.

I am married to a wonderful man who weathers my eccentricities well. Thanks Travis!

I’m your basic pop culture/comic/tv/movie/book nerd who takes it to the next level with my flights of whimsy and my (occasionally alarming) passionate personality. I love most things cute, tasty, and nerdy. Thanks for dropping by! Allons-y!

teapot dividerHello, beautiful readers. Arielle is the other half here at nerdiTEA. She loves all things nerdy, wasted way too much time playing World of Warcraft in college, and bores her coworkers into a stupor while passionately talking about things they could care less about.

As an Environmental Chemist, a fancy way of saying she analyzes wastewater, she sees way Spirithood!too much poop in a given day, and has therefore destroyed her sense of smell, ergo taste, so you probably shouldn’t read her tea reviews. But don’t tell her that.

She was born in the 80’s, but doesn’t remember any of it up until her childhood obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She lives with her husband, Brandon, and two dogs, a miniature pinscher and a hairy mutt. She currently has no plans to stick her feet into the gene pool and wishes people would stop asking. Come back when she’s 28 or something. Until then, she really wants a corgi.

She loves baking, prefers weighing ingredients to scooping, and will try anything at least once. Except kombucha, which looks horrid and disgusting.

Here’s where this turns into a list of awesome things. Arielle loves gaming, writing, photography, reading past her bedtime, geocaching, napping, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Sherlock, Doctor Who, anime, korean dramas, Legos, electronic dance music, Apple products, gadgetry of all sorts, graphic tees, excessive use of emoticons ;D, Japan, procrastination, and, of course, TEA!

Oh, and don’t compare her name to The Little Mermaid. It’s not the same. No, really. It’s not.



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