The Amazing Graze Box!

There’s been a ton of crazy press lately for Graze, makers of tasty, healthy snacks that come in portion-controlled punnets, 4 to a mailbox-sized recyclable box that ships from their warehouse full of high-tech robots in London’s Richmond borough. A patent-pending algorithm takes every customers likes and dislikes into account (customizable on the user end of their site) before assembling a random, balanced box and shipping it off to your corner of the UK.

They’ve recently expanded to America in January 2012, and Arielle and I were so intrigued by their business model that we scavenged Twitter until we found invite codes that worked. (A process that did not take longer than thirty minutes, thank God.)

How can you resist such cute, eco-conscious packaging?

How can you resist such cute, eco-conscious packaging?

**NOTE** Graze has currently stopped accepting US invite codes while they adjust to the ridiculous amount of traffic they’re trying to incorporate as smoothly as possible into the current business model. No word on when the invite codes will start shipping with the boxes again, although US customers received 1 friend code with the Springtime rabbit papercraft.

Once the code is accepted, you input all the usual personal data, including your billing information (even though the first box is technically free).

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Geeks, Girls, and Pen Pals

Written by Arielle F.
These last several weeks have been a blur. New friendships, new experiences, and I have found a use for my Twitter account, which I previously used mostly for cross-posting from my Instagram feed and following random people. I think I’ve doubled my tweet count in a matter of weeks.

Nancy is the one who first introduced me to the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. She’s always discovering the cool stuff, and I adore her for that. Things started getting a little crazy after the first few days and we both registered for pen pals and the excitement truly began. Also, much anxiety. What sorts of pen pals would we get? Where would they be from? How would we be matched? Would we get along?

After we got our pair-ups, my pen pal emailed me first thing with her address. London! You can imagine my elation. So we swapped addresses and I began my stationery hunt. I could write a bit of a tirade on that, but it would take way too long. Let’s just say, cute, lined paper stationery is hard to find in this area. If you see any, buy it. Then, you can laugh at me while I cry in the corner. After giving up and dissecting a journal so I could use the colorful paper inside, I wrote an eight page letter and sent it off to London! Next, I’m sending a package with lots of Texas goodies. It was supposed to have been sent already, but I am hunting for a good box. That’s important.

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